Warner Electric PTO Clutch/Brakes Are Original Equipment on 90% of Mower and Garden Tractor Brands

Buy Direct and Install Warner Electric Replacement PTO Clutch/Brakes on Your Mower

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PTO Clutches

Why not buy the clutch/brake that was originally designed for and supplied to the mower manufacturer? With more than 40 years’ experience, Warner Electric has become the recognized leader of clutch/brake technology for all types of commercial and residential power lawn mowers and garden tractors.

PTO Agricultural Clutch

Ag Products

Warner Electric Power-take-off clutches (PTO) and clutch/brakes provide a means for the operator of agricultural equipment to remotely control the operation of tractor powered implements or other mechanical systems.

Electromagnetic Clutch

Mobile Power Products

Warner Electric uses the same proven technology to clutch many other vehicle installed systems, such as superchargers, air compressors, A/C refrigerant compressors, hydraulic pumps, and hybrid drives. De-coupling these systems when not in operation saves horsepower; vitally important with today’s rising fuel cost.

D Drive

D Drives

Warner incorporates a “D” drive mounting system on many of our clutch/brakes. This “D” drive mounting system provides a means for crankshaft restraint while tightening the mounting bolt to the proper torque. To select the replacement “D” drive go to the detail page of the clutch/brake to see the correct replacement.


Cable Accessories

Warner offers a low-profile integral connector which helps prevent lead wire fatigue and protects the clutch by making the cable assembly the serviceable component. To select the replacement connector, go to the detail page of the clutch/brake to see the correct replacement.