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Garrett Coker
Garrett Coker
Mower went down, went online to Warner Electric, 4 days later was mowing grass and for less than what the dealer wanted. Very fast shipping, very knowledgeable staff and extremely good price.
Thank You
Garrett Coker
Jacksonville FL.
Bryon Rusk
Bryon Rusk
The price was half of what I could purchase it in Canada and it was here in less than a day and a half. Part was exactly what I needed.

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With more than 40 years experience, Warner Electric has become the recognized leader of clutch/ brake technology for commercial and residential power lawn mowers and garden tractors.

Since their introduction more than 20 years ago, ZTR (Zero Turning Radius) mowers, with increasing deck and engine sizes, have continued to grow in popularity for both commercial and residential use.

Over the years, the industry has continued to tighten the standards for mower blade stop times. Today, the ANSI commercial riding mower blade stop standard is 7 sec. (5 sec. for residential riding mowers). Federal law currently requires a 3 sec. blade stop on all walk-behind mowers.

Commercial customers want faster ground speeds with enhanced suspensions for operator comfort due to tough terrain. Since their livelihood depends on their equipment, contractors also want better reliability and improved uptime productivity.

In response to these challenging trends, Warner Electric designs and manufactures extremely reliable clutch/brakes that can maintain required blade stopping performance over years of service in harsh outdoor conditions.

Why Buy Warner?Why Buy Warner?

Innovative CMS Series Clutch/Brakes set the industry standard for durability

While new commercial mowers had been tested for blade stop time compliance, there were no initial standards set for durability. The development of Warner Electric’s Commercial MagStop (CMS) clutch/brake represents the latest innovation in permanent magnet braking technology.

CMS MagStop PTO clutch/brakes for riding mowers provide engineered efficiency by combining permanent magnet brake technology with an electric clutch to achieve high torque in a compact package.

CMS 250 Series Commercial MagStop clutch/brakes are designed for heavy-duty residential or commercial riding mowers with up to 96” decks and engines up to 37 HP. Units feature rugged construction for continuous-duty and long life. Other unique features include:

  • Patented, modular, permanent magnet brakes for more consistent torque over the life of the clutch
  • Large 6208 armature bearing pressed into machined bearing cup
  • Patented D-drive mounting adapter locks crank shaft to aid in securing and removing mounting bolt
  • Large 6008 field bearing with high-temperature poly acrylic seal and high-temperature Krytox® grease
  • Larger pulley sizes to extend belt life

Warner Electric's Innovative CMS Series Clutch/Brakes